Marylin S. Kelly, Ed.D.

Dr. Marylin S. Kelly, holds degrees in speech communication, mathematics and education, Baylor University Waco, Texas, and is a professor of speeh communication and education. She was named a 1990 Piper Professor, one of ten educators honored among Texas colleges and universities. She has spoken at numerous state and national professional conferences, and her publications include a college textbook, Communication at Work, 2005, Pearson. She studied piano from the age of four and has been active in several creative and artistic fields. She enjoys being with her precious family and friends, participating in church activities, playing golf, attending concerts and plays, studying international decorative arts, and traveling in the U. S. and Canadian Rockies.

Largely a self-taught artist, Kelly has enjoyed studying with other artists, including Leila Ellis, Lovetta Strickland, Jo Moncrief, Cheryl McClure, Carol Nelson, and Rosemary West. She loves painting with other artists and brings her love of nature, music and communication to her art.

Primarily using acrylic media, her lively work embraces color, whether saturated or muted. Some abstract pieces incorporate metallic findings, objects from nature, and enhanced foils and papers. These pieces are coated with epoxy pours. Impressionistic and realistic works are acrylic and oil on canvas and include landscapes, color washes, and oversized fruits and flowers for large canvases. She prefers painting realistic birds and butterflies on smaller canvases, metal, or wood.

Marylin S. Kelly