As a fifth grader in Phoenix, Arizona, Babs watched a school film of an artist doing a watercolor painting from sketch to finsh. That was it! She was hooked on art and the possibilities that three letter word contained. She had the good fortune of attending a high school with a very extensive art program. There were also art classes at Phoenix Junior College and Glendale Community College, both in Arizona.
In1974 she, her husband, and two daughters moved to Garland,Texas. It is here that she became part of the Richardson Civic Art Society. In 1986, Babs joined the Garret Art Gallery in McKinney, Texas where she displayed her work and taught until April 2014. She is now has her work displayed at The Last Art Gallery in McKinney, Texas. A friend introduced her to the Southwestern Watercolor Society. This was when the meetings were held on Swiss Avenue in Dallas. She joined SWS in the early1990's. Her first entry accepted into the membership show was in 1996 and she received Signature Status in 2006. A happy day indeed! Even though she started out in oil paints, a teacher insisted she try watercolor and she loved the media. Although she is a multi-media artist, watercolor is a favorite. All subject matter is considered fair game and Babs allows the subject to dictate the media and approach.
Babs has studied with many fine individual artists over the years and taken advantage of many workshops offered through RCAS and SWS. A favorite teacher and mentor since the 1980's is Jane Stephenson. In addition, Babs has participated in many of the paint outs offered by SWS. They are a fabulous way to get better acquainted with fellow artist and actually "do your own thing". She considers these events mini getaways that offer interesting subject matter, fellowship, and lots of sketch and painting time.
Her "art journey" so far has been quite a trip! Babs thanks God for the talent He has given her. Through art, she has found challenge, joy, and fulfillment. She looks forward to where the journey will lead next. It is Babs' sincere hope that the viewer enjoys her paintings as much as she enjoys the painting process.