Cindy was born and raised in Southern Oklahoma where she grew up watching her dad dabble in oil painting, sculpture and furniture making, and has resided in Texas since 1990.She is the mother of two grown sons, Drew and Trey, and currently lives in North Texas with her husband, Gene, and their standard poodle, Jax.

Although she wanted to major in art in college, she was steered toward a more consistently lucrative career and became a CPA.In 1993 she painted her first watercolor, but after only a few paintings, the paper, paint and brushes were soon put away in favor of work and family.In the fall of 2008, she rediscovered watercolor and began to paint with a passion.

Cindy feels indebted to Lois Blackburn of Conroe, TX. The few lessons she took from her back in 1993 gave her an incredible foundation to build upon. Since then she has been self taught with the exception of some workshops, as well as studying an inordinate number of art technique books. Her most recent foray has been into the world of portraits. She has begun accepting commissioned portraits from photographs. Contact her if you are interested.

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Dance of the Battle