After five years flying as a Naval Aviator and thirty-one flying for American Airlines Jerry hung up his wings and “retired” to the practice of law which had been another time occupier since receiving his law degree from Southern Methodist University in 1972. With a little extra time on his hands he finally picked up a brush and started attacking defenseless watercolor paper. Seventeen years later he has made progress but still thinks of himself as a “watercolor wannabe.”

Babs light has been his primary teacher and mentor. Her soft approach to teaching and painting keeps him coming back. He has also explored more experimental methods and other media with Rob Erdle, Nita Leland, Pat Dews, Betsy Dillard Stroud, Miles Batt, Carol V. Scott, Maureen Brouillette, Frank Francese, Stephen Quiller, Ratindra Das, Gail Ayres, Kazuko Goto, Robert Burridge, Skip Lawrence and Ron Pokrasso. Recently he spent time in the printmaking lab at Collin College studying wit Kazuko Goto and David Collins. The artists of the Garret Gallery in McKinney, Texas were a great source of inspiration and instruction

Jerry was born in Dallas, Texas and Dallas has been his residence for all of his life. His first exposure to watercolor painting and to the Southwestern Watercolor Society {“SWS”) was through Bud Biggs, his parents best friend. He and his wife of fifty three years, Judi, have three grown children and like to travel in Oregon, the Big Bend country of Texas, Colorado and the South of France.

Jerry feels that being asked to join the talented and accomplished artists at the Last Art Gallery is humbling and rates right up with getting his SWS signature.