Kathryn Waite

Each of Kathryn’s paintings is a microcosm of an encounter with a moment in nature. She derives inspiration from a number of sources but most especially the outdoors and works to instill a sense of spirituality in each painting.

Kathryn a graduate from the University of Dallas in Irving majored in Graphic Design and minored in Art History. She has studied with Robert Cunningham of NYC and Lois Griffel of the Cape Cod School before joining Lap Ngo Studio. Most recently her work was exhibited at the NFN corporate headquarters and the Ft. Worth Community Art Center, Fairview City Hall, as well as Garrett Gallery in downtown McKinney. When not painting Kathryn teaches painting workshops and has worked as associate producer on art instructional videos.

Kathryn’s still life paintings are done in a traditional Flemish method. She uses layers of pigment mixed with linseed oil and damar varnish to create layers that allow the light to reflect through giving a glow to her paintings. Kathryn also enjoys paying large landscape paintings. The layers of lights and color within the forest inspire her to go beyond what we see with our eyes and create a painting that gives us a breath and feel of being there, one with nature. These paintings are created using layers of texture underneath the oil paint which give added depth to the images. Kathryn has won numerous awards for both of these styles of painting.

The artist may be reached directly at originalpaintings@att.net or 972-989-9896.