I am an artist. I love to paint, draw and create. I work in a multitude of realms.

Painting in abstract has drawn me to its very core. The freedom of layering marks and color on canvas has given me a way to express the emotions of the moment, wherever that may lead.
Some of my paintings begin with a purpose. Others evolve through the layers, directing their own path.
Texture and shapes compete with contrast and color. I love to play and experiment; a mixture of media making the experimenting fun.
My favorite surfaces are paper, canvas and birch board. Acrylic is my go-to guy; but ink, charcoal and watercolor like to sneak their way in. A blank canvas goes black, a cacophony of colors and shapes fight for purchase; and a painting emerges most often through negative space techniques.
My process of painting is very free-flowing and organic; pleasurable in its unfolding, expansive in the knowledge it reveals, and occasionally surprising in its emergence.
Welcome to my color world.