Eddie Winterhawk…

Eddie 'Winterhawk' Wayne is an artist of many styles. He has spent most of his life in Texas and has been making living creating art since the late 80's.

Eddie began creating commercial art within the digital industry as an computer illustrator, as well as, applying himself as an free-lance artist; over the past decades; Eddie applied his technique in many artistic facets, which includes the following: clip-art digitizer and colorist, comic book penciler and inker, t-shirt illustrator, hand-made band flyer inker/designer for local and national bands/ musicians, album/cd cover artist, painter and inker within the custom car culture, pin-up artist, and applying his artistic skills as a muralist, both: commercial and residential. Naturally, Eddie's artistic experimentation transitioned into paintings of mainly three styles, focusing on the following: abstract art, surrealism, and more traditional impressionistic styles.