J.B. Phipps is a -from McKinney Texas. His work celebrates the natural beauty of wood by the use of simple lines and elegant curves creating vessels which bring together grain, color, and form. He works almost exclusively with domestic timber which has come down naturally or was taken down for other reasons. "Even the most common trees that stand around us everyday hide exceptional beauty somewhere inside. My job is to uncover it and give that special wood a second life as a piece of art."

J.B.'s lifelong passion for the natural world has instilled in him a reverence for trees that feeds his desire to work with wood. Transforming a simple log into a finely finished work of art gives him a spiritual connection with the material and the environment from which it came. His hollow forms offer a three dimensional view into the hidden interior beauty of a tree and allow the viewer an intimate visual and textural experience with the material.

The raw wood with which J.B. chooses to work comes straight from nature and into his studio. Working with green (not dried) timber requires an intimate understanding of the nature of wood and of how it moves and changes shape during the drying process. Most of J.B.'s pieces are worked to completion while the wood is still green, then the magic happens as moisture is allowed to escape and the natural wood movement gives the piece it's final form and texture.