Kim carothers

Artist, sculptor

Sculpting in clay captured my hands and my heart in 2012. I love the dance that happens while working with clay. I feel it may be something like the Whirling Dervish; magical, rhythmic, and meditative. In this way I feel each piece is conceived as a meditation or prayer. However, it is also very grounding and humbling to get dirty and work with the earth. Therefore, I feel a great tenderness for the quirkiness, individuality, and perfect imperfection of each piece. My imagery is often inspired by a thought or a feeling that reveals itself in the form of the human figure and elements of the natural world. The most common thread throughout my work is the interconnected nature of reality brought down to a very personal level, then offered up as a re-imagined archetype. Ultimately it comes down to the physical processes with the clay and the finishes that guide my work to its completion.