I live and breathe paint - I always have. 

I grew up moving from country to country and as a child, my source of entertainment was paint-by-number coloring sheets, although I must confess that I didn't always follow the numbers. Moving on from there to my young adulthood, I was fortunate to attend and graduate from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston,Texas. As my life journey progressed it took me to college in Boulder, Colorado - where majesty meets the sky. A good portion of my heart and breath still live in those Colorado cliffs, but my spirit called me onward. I was accepted into the Cleveland Institute of Art program in Lacoste, France where I painted in plain air overlooking castles of the 12th century and the vineyards and valleys that resemble the closest thing I can imagine to the Garden of Eden. Somehow in that setting I managed to attain a working knowledge of black and white photography and dark room skills, printmaking and sculpture in a limestone quarry. In the years since those bygone college days, I have acquired and mastered many artistic skills. Sign Painting, Murals (indoor and out), Faux Painting, Tromp d'loeil, Jewelry, Tile and Basins, Hand Painted Furniture, Limited Edition Prints, Book Illustration, Portraits (people and pets), Graphic Arts, Painting (all mediums), Sculpture, Photography, Papier-Mache, Collage, Stained Glass, Printmaking and more.....

I have had the privilege and honor of receiving many awards, one woman shows, scholarships, magazine features as well as the opportunity to paint in prominent homes and businesses such as Brett Favre's Home, University of Southern Mississippi and The Powe Mansion just to name a few. I delight myself in the many opportunities to be a participant in local charities and one special memory I take with me, is my participation in the Make a Wish Foundation. Not only was I able to paint a room for "A Wish" for a special little girl, but I met my husband and love of my life at a Make a Wish Charity Event.

Currently I am focusing all my efforts into doing paintings and papier-mache. Whimsical Art for the young at heart! I am on a journey to discover true joy in creating and to give the lover of my soul, the One true God, first place in my life. I am blessed with health, amazing children and a truly loving and supportive husband. My cup really does runneth over!

See more of Kim's work here http://www.kimguthrieart.com