Maria Hampton…

’I love everything about art!! 

I am an artist that specializes in Sculpture, Charcoal, Pencil, Alcohol Ink paintings, Acrylic, basic printmaking, fiber arts, … and I dabble in so much more.  I truly love it all! 

My love of art started when I was very young.  Mom was a very creative, and artistic woman.  Loving to draw so early, I mimicked her wonderful doodles well before I was 2 years old.   In college, I was able to further develop my drawing skills, and start experiencing the world, and my art, in 3D.  I was lucky enough to received my degree from Northern Colorado University, specializing in both life drawing, and sculpture art.

In my art, I try to surround each piece with both emotions and a textural connection to add life.  Although I am largely introverted myself, I want my artwork to speak word and convey emotions and happiness that can’t be explained myself.


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