Noriko dewitt…

Noriko DeWitt is a self-taught award-winning colored pencil artist specializing in portraits, animals and landscapes. Her inspiration springs from a simple desire to create a moment of joy through art. Committed to creating art that evokes a smile and celebrates life, Noriko’s positive approach is evident in her art and she never works on a project while feeling down or frustrated so her work truly reflects the love she feels when creating a piece. 

Her artwork has been recognized for its attention to detail, realism and creative composition style. She has been actively sharing her knowledge and techniques through online tutorials and her art classes at Noriko Dewitt Art Studio and the McKinney Art House, encouraging and inspiring fellow artists from around the world. Noriko’s work and tutorials are featured in leading Colored Pencil publications. 

Born in Japan, she spent her youth living overseas and traveling throughout Europe and North America. This exposure to different cultures from early in her childhood began a lifelong passion for art and music. She currently resides in Texas with her husband and two children.