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Suely Lohr…

I am a kiln formed glass (fused glass) artist.  I was born and raised in Brazil and have been inspired all my life by my time growing up in Brazil.  Although I moved to Dallas as a teenager, the colors or themes of my earlier home never left me.  I have been an artist most of my life – working in oil, acrylic, weaving, pottery and watercolor.  I accidentally discovered mosaics years ago and ten years ago ventured into the exciting world of fused glass.  I enjoy creating functional art pieces to be used in everyday life.  There are so many possibilities when working with glass and experimenting is always fun, although sometimes with unpredictable results.  My work includes functional, decorative and glass art panels.  Functional pieces are slumped or draped in molds to create the different shapes. The wall panels also incorporate steel, aluminum and copper to create an unique wall art.  Additionally additional  designs can be created with powdered glass, vitrigraph (pulling glass stringers), combing (using metal hooks to ‘comb’ glass in a very hot kiln.  Different effects can be created by using varying  kiln temperatures, firing times, etc.   I love the vibrant colors of glass and how it reflects light, especially in the finished piece. 

For functional glass, I like working with a wide range of glass types (clear, iridescent, transparent, etc.), using molds to slump or drape to shape the glass. I start with sheet glass, add frit (crushed glass) and glass powders which allow me to produce layers, retaining some texture on each piece.
Art should be fun to make and enrich people’s lives in some way.  My art is who I am and sharing it with others is sharing part of me.