Vicki Gardner…

Vicki Gardner resides in McKinney, Texas, where she lives and creates within two different worlds. By day, she creates interactive computer courses, and by night she creates decorative and sculptural things of clay. After a college major in fine art and a background in graphics and photography, Vicki transfers discoveries from one discipline to the other. In her words:
“I thrive on experimentation. I try to make vessels that grow texture, dance off center, and wear metallic flashes. I play with ancient impressions and hidden imagery. My vision for forms includes inspiration from textures in nature, found shadows, music, and math, with a dash of chaos. I make pieces that feel good to make. Sometimes I get it right, and they come to life. I often start with … I wonder what would happen if … and I love the surprise at the end of the mystery.”
You can find out more about her philosophy and lines of work at http://www.vickigardner.net.